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The Story Of Story Time


Isolation Story Time is a weekly online meeting of ABDLs and Ageplayers every Friday evening at 9pm EST. Here we can share story books, songs, colour, and play games together. We do this to ease the loneliness of social distancing and we also collect voluntary donations to help individuals in our community who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 situation.

Isolation Story Time is an event created by Merff and Maverick, and attended by people from all over  the world!

Maverick is an artist, singer and performer in Toronto, Canada. Merff is teacher and sea shanty enthusiast
in New York, New York.

Who We Are

Iso Story Time is an ongoing charity focused on the ageplay [“little at heart”] community that has been active since March 2020. After the Coronavirus shutdowns began across the globe, we have raised nearly $100,000 in voluntary donations to assist members of our community secure stable housing, offset job loss, and  pay for essentials like medical bills, transportation and utilities.

We’ve had the great privilege of working with numerous influential people and organizations within our community who have aligned themselves with our cause including ABUniverse, KinkyDreamzzz, Onesies Downunder, ResonantYes of Love In Brief Podcast, Sophie & Pudding of The Usual Bet, Riley Kilo, Penny Barber, Mako Allen, & more!

What We Do

Our Event

In addition to our campaign, we host weekly virtual events featuring entertainment from volunteers from across our community and the globe! We read books, enjoy live music, play games, & more. This is our way of building community and giving back to our donors.

Our Charity
Currently we are assisting dozens of individuals, many of whom are homeless. This number is always in flux as we onboard new recipients of aid, and as others are able to get back on their feet. Since the beginning of 2020 we have been able to help 20 people return to financial stability, many of these folks have also paid it forward by putting money back into the Giving Circle. At this point we’ve raised nearly 100k for recipients of aid.

Attendee Compliments

"ISO Story Time has been a great comfort during tough times. It's a fun group with wonderful hosts, every Story Time's full of interaction, stories and lovely community vibes!"

Riley Kilo

“This is such a lovely group. Thank you so much for organizing this! XO”

Pampered Penny

Giving Circle

Help support Isolation Story Time and others in our community who are in need by donating what you can

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