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Event Schedule

Dates and Themes

First Friday

Stories and Music
with Interactive Activities

Second Friday

Stories and Music
with Karaoke After-party

Third Friday

Stories and Music
with Breakout Rooms​
(Please sign-up to a breakout
room before the event!)

Fourth Friday

Stories and Music with Art!
(Speed drawing, crafts, etc.)


Fifth Friday

Stories and Music
with Special Activities

Example Schedule

The Great Canadian Giveaway Sweepstakes

Brought to you by @BabyTeddyBear! Make a donation to The Little Giving Circle for a chance at winning this fabulous prize pack curated by Teddy!

Sustainer Prize Pack Including:

  • Canadian Swag Bag

  • Canadian Footy PJs

  • Canadian-themed Coffee Cup

  • Canadian Flag

  • Canadian Keychain

  • Canadian Swimming Bag

  • Build-A-Bear MOOSE! + Canadian Outfits + $20 Gift Card for Build-A-Bear

  • $150 ABUniverse Gift Card


How To Enter

  • Those who already are Weekly Sustainers for The Little Giving Circle get +1 ticket

  • If you increase your existing Weekly Donation by $5 or more you get +1 ticket

  • If you begin a new Weekly Sustainer Donation of $5 or more you get +1 ticket

  • If you are in attendance at the live event you get +1 ticket (Make sure to RSVP on FetLife!)


Bonus Prize: Case of 40 ABU diapers:

  • To win the bonus prize of 40 ABU diapers you will receive 1 ticket for a one-time donation of $5 or more.

Click Here to Make Your Donation

Giving Circle

Help support Isolation Story Time and others in our community who are in need by donating what you can

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