Donations for The Little Giving Circle

(Our Main Mission)

The challenges of the pandemic and post-pandemic have left many of us without jobs and homes.  Help us raise funds to assist individuals struggling with employment loss, lack of stable housing, & medical expenses.  Please donate to our Giving Circle. 

You can also Tip Maverick, who spends most of her week organizing and promoting the event, as well as hosting and performing for our guests. If you like the event, please consider supporting her. Presently this is her only income source.

Use the buttons below to donate via PayPal.

Or donate using Venmo @GivingCircle. 


Explained for Donors & Recipients

Donor FAQ

Where does my money go?

100% that is collected each week is paid back out on Saturdays to those who have applied for aid.  Each person gets $50 per week in need of basic neccessities. Those without stable housing, such as crashing on different friends’ couches, living in a shelter, or living in places unfit for human  habitation receive $100 per week.

Note: Our host, Maverick, is paid exclusively through separate tips and does not draw a salary or receive any benefits from us.

Are you a business or charity?

A charity.  We have a state nonprofit corporation in Pennsylvania.  We are working towards  becoming a federal 501c3 in 2021. 

How can I help more with my donation?

  1. Become a weekly sustainer; see Donation links above.

  2. One time donations: Use “Friends and Family” instead of goods and services (no fees).    

  3. Contribute to the Rainy Day Fund for the future when we have a lower yield week; poverty will continue far after the vaccine and this is a permanent anti-poverty campaign.  Contact @Isostorytime on twitter or instagram or

For Those in Need: How to get help?

  1. Write to us @isostorytime on twitter, instagram or fetlife or at, if you need help with these five categories: housing, transportation, medication, utilities and food.  Also, share three expenses between $25-100 to be shared anonymously during the event.  We have turned away people who just want kink/lifestyle items, but we have accepted people who have difficulties with these five essential categories.  If you are without stable housing, please explain.  

  2. Go to one Friday zoom event.  Use the “RSVP NOW” tab to get vetted.  You do not need to use camera if you are not comfortable.  You do not need to attend other events.  Just let Merff or Maverick know you are here.

  3. If approved, you may receive $50 weekly or $100 if you are experiencing housing insecurity.  Merff will check in every 6 to 8 weeks; many members only need temporary assistance, but others need more long term help.  Covid has been a “wake-up call” that there is ongoing need in our community and this project will continue after coronavirus as a permanent resource.

Want to see how much money we have paid out over time?

Here is our public record of what we have given each week since March 20th, 2020.